Are you ready for coaching?

Personal Coaching

Innovate yourself coaching: This is a unique process I have developed and practiced and taught at business schools to start your personal transformation journey with the following key elements:

  • Get to know yourself better (personality test analysis)
  • Understand where you are coming from (retrospective life analysis)
  • Understand your status quo of where you stand
  • Find out your needs and your wishes
  • Set a goal and draft your vision in life
  • Find pragmatic solutions to your question
  • Make a concrete plan to transform and make it happen

YOU want to…

  • Get unstuckYou feel stuck and you don’t know what to do? You feel something needs to be done? But you don’t know where to start? Or you need to get a new perspective on a topic that is holding you back to move forward? Understand yourself better, and the system you are in and find creative solutions to get unstuck, move forward and make a plan to make it happen.
  • Improve yourself: You want to improve your skills at work, learn something new, want to lose weight or leave your old habits behind? Get your boost of motivation you have been waiting for. Find out what motivates you. Shape your goals, design your personal vision and exercise a step-by-step path to reach your goals.
  • Make the right decisionDo you want change your professional path, change your relationship, find a partner in life or do you want to change your life? Make sure, you understand yourself and your system you are in to make a decision that leads to more fulfilment.
  • Start your new chapter in life: Do you want to move to a new country, move into a new career path or your own business, or are you living in a new culture as an Expat? Get the ultimate Swiss pocket-knife coaching to make sure you are fully equipped for this new life chapter: Understand yourself better, get better in your intercultural communication skills, sharpen your skills that you need for this new job, get prepared for your new challenge.

  • Career coaching:  I also offer special 1:1 career coaching for individuals who feel stuck or want to start or improve their career path and find their dream role or job. We will look at your personal career vision, your personality traits and fits, skills, fields of improvement, have a look at your CV and will prepare you for any interview situation ahead to get that job you ever wanted.
Entrepreneur Coaching

Are you a founder already or do you want to start your own business, or do you run your own business and you need to find your value proposition? Get a new perspective, finally solve that puzzle of a solid business model, become an entrepreneur and unlock your full entrepreneurial potential and become a better leader! As an entrepreneur myself I can assist you with the right tools to help you reach your goals.

  • Startup and innovation coaching: Start your own business by undergoing a design thinking process. You will be equipped with tools to create your vision and mission statement, work out your business opportunity, to understand your customer and market, to create value proposition and bundle it into a working and validated business model or value proposition ready by end of our coaching process. Be prepared for your VC pitch and kick start your future as a successful company.

  • Entrepreneur coaching: Become the entrepreneur you always wanted to be, learn more about your personality, set a vision for yourself, define a personal mission for how you want to run your company, enhance your personal leadership skills and lead your team with your personal leadership style.
Corporate Coaching

Do you want to develop your organization and team? Do you want to thrive change in your organization and align your team to increase performance & wellbeing? I offer team coaching & 1:1 coacings with different topics that are essential to run an aligned, innovative and successful company:

  • Resilience: Prevention of burnout through mindfulness training, be stronger and more conscious at work, create empathy among your colleagues, be equipped for future challenges and know yourself how to handle challenging situations. This course I offer beside a group training also as a 1:1 coaching course for individuals.
  • Team: Get the best out of your team and of every team member. Boost your team’s productivity and happiness to achieve goals and stay fulfilled at work. Before our workshop I offer a cultural speed audit. This entails a short analysis of your current status quo and the problem statement. In our workshop I will help you to develop your team’s vision, a mission and an action roadmap. I offer a 30 minutes per workshop assessment with each team member and 30 minutes follow up conversation after the session.
  • Change: People generally don’t like change. But with the correct preparation tool and a collaborative approach this experience can be different. Make sure you and your team is ready to move on. Whether it is a restructuring your company is undertaking, or a new organizational phase, new sales goals to achieve or a new leader on board. With this coaching workshop you make sure that your team feels empowered, considered, and valued to proactively drive change within your organization.


  • Leadership: I offer coaching for leaders to live their full potential as a succesfull team lead, executives and high potentials. Find your personal leadership style and become the leader and mentor you always wanted to have.
  • Career path: I guide employees in their personal career path development, support them in crucial stages of their career path, developing skills and potential along the way in their personal journey.
Workshops - Lectures - Talks

I offer regularly and globally group workshops, courses and give talks:

  • Innovate Yourself Workshop:  A two-day workshop following a special process I have developed and taught at Business Schools (ESCP Europe Business School in London at the Digital Leadership Master Program): 
    • Get to know yourself better (personality test analysis)
    • Understand where you are coming from (retrospective life analysis)
    • Understand your status quo where you stand
    • Find out your needs and your wishes
    • Set a goal and draft your vision in life
    • Find pragmatic solutions to your question
  • Future Youth Workshop: This workshop is designed for teenagers that are finishing their school. I offer space and tools to better understand what they are good in and find out what they would like to study. At the end of this one-day workshop I help the teenagers to map out their potential paths. Workshop done in collaboration with AfterSchoolHustle Berlin – NGO in Berlin.
  • Female Entrepreneur Workshop: My mission is to empower as many women as possible in their endeavours and to help them to start their own companies. In this workshop I will assist you to nail down your business idea, structure it, map it out, find your value proposition and make a concrete plan of action. I do also 1:1 coaching for female entrepreneurs.
  • Lectures: I gave lectures about personal transformation, how to innovate yourself at ESCP Europe Business School in London and I lectured about design thinking and social impact innovations at Harvard Extension School in Cambridge, USA.
  • Keynotes & Talks: I give talks and keynotes on human centred design and How to innovate yourself. I took part in international conferences, such as Step Conference in Dubai, or Novak Djokovic Foundation in Belgrade, International Monetary Fund Washington D.C and many more…
  • Workshop Facilitation: I offer workshop facilitation and moderation of innovation, change workshops with teams and multiplayer. I help you design the workshop and show you how to run outcome driven co-creation sessions.
  • Articles:  
    • The Guardian; Article ‘The top three obstacles for policymakers in moving towards a circular economy’ co-authored with Mark Esposito, professor of economic strategy at Harvard Extension School and Grenoble School of Management and Terence Tse, associate professor of finance at ESCP Europe Business School; 
    • Huffington Post, Co-Authored with Prof. Mark Esposito ‘Breaking Down the Silos: When Creative Tension Surges´ Posted: 07/09/2015 on Huffington Post, Read the full article on Huffington Post.

You want to stay tuned on upcoming workshops or you have a workshop idea? Please send me an Email

Coaching package

As a believer in human-centred design, I want you to have a fully personalized process. I offer coaching packages over a time period of 90 days with ten sessions following after a process matching your needs and your personality. The process is deep and pragmatic at the same time, always focussing what can be implemented tomorrow. My goal is that you can realize what we have worked on in your own pace and reach your goals step-by-step. 

  • Holistic & personalized: Each of the ten session are 60 minutes face-to-face or video call. I will share with you personalized material (home work, templates, worksheets). Everything we work on is bundled in your personal digital coaching workbook. In this collaborative document I share pre-selected tools for you. The tools derive from design thinking, systemic coaching, psychology, mindfulness and business design. For all new customers I offer a free first call of 30 minutes and a test coaching session of 60 minutes. Like that we can get to know each other better and from there, you can then decide if you want to start the full process of ten coaching sessions. 
  • Extras: I share with you a bonus of relevant audio books and reading recommendations.
  • Accessible & outcome driven: You can reach me always via Email or Whatsapp. On demand follow up coaching calls possible after the package. A tailored action plan after every session.
  • 100% confidential: All coaching sessions and inquiries are confidential.

HOW: If you happen to be in Berlin or Mexico City, we can meet in person in my coaching space or in your office. Otherwise we meet online via video calls and in our online collaboration space.  

More about Greta

  • Experience: Over the last decade,  I have worked with startups, corporates and I co-founded my own company. I have supported many hundreds of people, entrepreneurs and teams around the world to transform their lives and businesses. I have given lectures at Harvard University Extension School and at Business School ESCP Europe in London (MSc in Digital Transformation Management & Leadership).
  • Mindfulness: As a believer in mindfulness and consciousness, I practice meditation myself and do every year a ten-day-silent retreat. 
  • International: I am German, but I have lived in Buenos Aires, Boston, London, New York, Eindhoven and Mexico City. 
  • Education: I hold a BA in Communication & Strategic Marketing from the University of the Arts in Berlin and a MSc in Business from ESCP Europe in London and Berlin. I am a certified ‚Systemic Coach‘ from HMKW Berlin. I am a certified ‚Design Thinking Coach‘ from, School of Design Thinking, HPI Potsdam/Standford University.
  • Languages: We can communicate in English, German or Spanish.
  • Coaching: I offer personal, business and corporate coaching.
  • Location: I work with teams and people on site or in my own coaching space in Condesa in Mexico City or Berlin. Or I give coaching for my international clients all over the world via video calls.  

All answers are within ourselves, they just need to be unlocked with right tools.